Monday, April 7, 2014

March SLANT Box is Here!

I love to get mail. LOVE IT. I get excited when I hear the little lid on our mailbox clink after the mailman drops our mail in.  I love to sort through our (mainly junk) mail looking for familiar handwriting and new magazines. So you can imagine my excitement when I arrive home to a box on the doormat. When I got home after my first day back after Spring Break I found this lovely box waiting for me.
YAY! I could not wait to open it. I love the SLANT box exchange because you have no idea what you will find inside but you know it will be AH-mazing.
First thing I found inside was this very sweet note from Wendy over at Read with Me ABC . Check out her blog, it is awesome. 
My SLANT box was filled to the brim with these fantastic treats
I LITERALLY just saw this little clipboard at a shop on Saturday  but I didn't buy it. Score!
I keep a jar of Starburst on my bookshelf for a little afternoon (any time of day, who am I kidding.) pick me up. YUM!
This photo does not do this travel mug justice. It is a brilliant turquoise, one of my favorite colors. And you can never go wrong with a K-Cup. Ever.
Owls are my favorite. I can't get enough of these adorable stickers! 
This precious angel was the final gift I unwrapped. Isn't she the sweetest?  

 Thanks again to Wendy for the wonderful treats. If you have not and the opportunity to join in on the SLANT box exchange be sure to check out Lessons with Coffee for all the details.
Maybe we will meet through SLANT sometime! 


  1. Amanda! This is so fun! I love the clip board I have one the exact same with the pen and everything for my take a break station. Yours though...has a fun design!

    Such a sweet pairing I am glad you two got to know each other! Thanks for linking up!

    Lessons With Coffee

  2. That clip board is adorable! I love getting mail too, especially magazines!