Monday, April 28, 2014

SLANT box Sign Up!

The May SLANT Box sign up is open! Huzzah! I LOVE participating in the Lessons with Coffee SLANT Box exchange. Jameson cooked up this fab idea of Spreading Love Across the Nation to Teachers. Check out her description here:
I knew that it would be fun to email with other teachers. I knew it would be great to receive mail from each other. I never realized how comforting it would be to connect with other teachers this way. The support and love that is shared through SLANT is very real and very appreciated. I hope you all join in. I look forward to meeting you through SLANT! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

C.Jayne Teach

So, have you heard? The fabulous C. Jayne Teach is launching her new spring line and I can't wait!

She has such useful and adorable products in her shop. This "Pep Talk" mug is one of my favorites:

Isn't it great?!? I need this for school ASAP. I think it would make a fab gift for my team members as well. Who does't love a little pick me up in the form of a clever mug?

C.Jayne Teach also has notecards, desk pads, personalized clip boards, the list goes on and on. The color palettes and designs are cheerful and oh so sweet.

Her piece de resistance is the Teacher Anchor.

The Anchor is an organizational binder filled with over 300 pages to help you stay organized and stylish all at the same time. It looks amazing! C. Jayne Teach is accepting pre-orders for the 2014/2015 Teacher Anchor as we speak, er, blog. The 2013/2014 Anchors sold out in just 6 weeks so hop on over to her site, sign up for the newsletter, and get yourself on that list! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

March SLANT Box is Here!

I love to get mail. LOVE IT. I get excited when I hear the little lid on our mailbox clink after the mailman drops our mail in.  I love to sort through our (mainly junk) mail looking for familiar handwriting and new magazines. So you can imagine my excitement when I arrive home to a box on the doormat. When I got home after my first day back after Spring Break I found this lovely box waiting for me.
YAY! I could not wait to open it. I love the SLANT box exchange because you have no idea what you will find inside but you know it will be AH-mazing.
First thing I found inside was this very sweet note from Wendy over at Read with Me ABC . Check out her blog, it is awesome. 
My SLANT box was filled to the brim with these fantastic treats
I LITERALLY just saw this little clipboard at a shop on Saturday  but I didn't buy it. Score!
I keep a jar of Starburst on my bookshelf for a little afternoon (any time of day, who am I kidding.) pick me up. YUM!
This photo does not do this travel mug justice. It is a brilliant turquoise, one of my favorite colors. And you can never go wrong with a K-Cup. Ever.
Owls are my favorite. I can't get enough of these adorable stickers! 
This precious angel was the final gift I unwrapped. Isn't she the sweetest?  

 Thanks again to Wendy for the wonderful treats. If you have not and the opportunity to join in on the SLANT box exchange be sure to check out Lessons with Coffee for all the details.
Maybe we will meet through SLANT sometime! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Currently

I can not BELIEVE it is already April. We are down to 9 weeks. 9 weeks people! Time for April's Currently. I am linking up with Farley from Oh Boy, Fourth Grade.

listening: My hubs is watching "Field of Dreams, which he LOVES. I enjoy listening to him enjoy his movie.

loving: My aunt and I COMPLETELY tore up our front yard this past week. We tore out weeds, scraggly "grass", turned soil, laid black mat (to battle the horrendous weeds and scraggly "grass"), planted a tree and a TON of plants. It looks like a totally different yard and I couldn't be happier with the results.

thinking: I am a very lucky woman. I am so blessed to have my amazing family, dogs, home, job...the list could go on and on.

wanting: This past week FLEW by! I could really use a little more Spring Break.
needing: 3rd Quarter ended right before Spring Break so report cards go home tho Friday.

hours and last day: I am usually at school by 7:00 and leave around 4:00 since I don't have bus duty anymore. We share duties and I have 1st and 3rd Quarter. LOVE not having duty 4th Quarter! Our last day was supposed to be June 10th but since we missed a total of 9 days because of snow and ice this year we are now going until the 13th. The last day of school is Friday the 13th...should be interesting.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful April!