Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My September SLANT Box!

I came home last night to this envelope of goodness. Ignore the water bottle in the background. It is just a water bottle. Focus on the envelope. It says Air Mail in French. For real.
 I was matched up with Dawn from Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas. She is a super sweet teacher from Manitoba, Canada. She sent me the BEST gifts! 
 Hilarious sticky notes and coasters, fun erasers, a grape (my first!) Scentos Marker, a really cool sustainable ink pen, a fab owl bag, and an AH-maizing journal. Hey Girl indeed. 

Such a CUTE notepad! 

I HEART this adorable owl bag. 

 There are no words. 

Dawn nailed it. She really surprised me with these fantastic gifts. Totally made my week. 
If you want to have this same wonderful experience you should check out the SLANT Box on Jameson blog, Lesson with Coffee.
You won't be disappointed. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Hope that you are able to get back to your blog soon... I am just stopping by to say Hi to my fellow NC teacher/bloggers!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I think your blog is super cute!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Head over to my blog for more info if you're interested.

    :) Jayme
    Trendy in Third

    1. Hi Jayme,
      Oh my GOODNESS! I am flattered and SO EXCITED! Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award. You made my week!