Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally a post! October Currently...

Wow! October 3rd ALREADY! I have been a total blog slacker lately. To redeem myself, I am linking up (albeit a few days late) with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade... for the October Currently.

I am listening to the FAB The Big Bang Theory. I have seen most of these episodes multiple times and still crack up at each one. I heart Sheldon.

I am loving my sweet group of kiddos this year. I have been out sick all week and they have been so well behaved for their substitutes.

I really have WAY to much to do to be sick right now. Ugh. Fingers crossed I am better in the morning.

I so want to feel totally better! Being sick is tough, but when you have 23 little friends waiting for you to get better, you can never get better soon enough. Whoa, really didn't mean for that to rhyme.

My district has started using Power Teacher for EVERYTHING this year. Unfortunately, it rarely works. Makes it pretty difficult to get grades done.

Time for a fun treat! There is a wonderful giveaway going on over at  The Primary Chalkboard. You should really check it out!


  1. Getting sick is the worst! I hope you get better soon.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah!
      Hope you have a great Friday!

  2. I found your blog through October's currently--so cute! Hope you start feeling a little better soon! It's no fun being sick, yet alone out of work. And I'm also a of my favorite shows!!
    Fifth Grade Ramblings

    1. Hi Kristin!
      I am so glad you found my blog. Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      Yay Team Sheldon!

  3. Oh Sheldon! The Big Bang is my go to show no matter what episode is on. So happy the new season has started!

    Rooting for Third Grade

    1. Hi Kayla!
      THe Big Bang is the BEST! THe "Penny Blossom" episode was on last night. I love the sea shanty that Sheldon and Penny sing to keep up their momentum on their assembly line. And YAY fort he new season!