Friday, June 6, 2014

End of Year Gift

     As the end of the school year approaches I always ponder over what to give my students as an end of 3rd grade gift. I like to give them something fun, but also educational and useful. Books are my usual go to gift for my students. I decided to have each of them chose a book (from the $1.00 section) from the Scholastic Reading Club. I heart Scholastic Reading Club!

     They were super excited to pick out their own book. Many of my students do not have many personal books at home, let alone get to chose whatever they want from the book order. They keep asking me when they will get their book and even though I have told them multiple times they will get them on the last day of school, they keep asking. That makes me happy.

     Books are fantastic and I am thrilled that my students are so excited to be getting one from me but I really wanted to do something that was very personal and meaningful for my class. I decided to use Tagxedo to create a word cloud! Tagxedo is kind of like Wordle but I like it better because it lets you list your words then chose a shape or image for your word cloud rather than just a jumble of words. I used meaningful words to our class and each of our names. Check it out!
I am SO happy with how this turned out. I printed them full size on 8.5 by 11 inch paper and am going to laminate them with my handy Scotch Laminator (that I am in LOVE with) to make them nice and sturdy.  I can;t wait to see what my students think of their very own apple. 

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