Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April SLANTbox

     So I was paired up with two super teachers for the April SLANTbox exchange. I sent a box to Jennifer over at 4mulafun and received a box from Leslie over at a life of firsts. I had such great time shopping for Jennifer! I sure hope she enjoys her treats. I love shopping for other people.
     This month's SLANTbox theme was "Spring into a Good Book".  We had to pick out a book and create box around the theme of the book. I LOVE this idea. Leslie did an AH-mazing job creating my box. She sent a book entitled "Little Owl's Orange Scarf" (which I had never heard of and was SO excited to read!) and created an entire owl themed box. I adore owls and was thrilled to recieve all of these adorable owl gifts. The fab scarf rounded out the book themed goodies. Leslie also included "Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus" because her students love Junie B. and she wanted to share that with my class! Such a sweetheart.
     If you haven't checked out the SLANT exchange yet, head on over to Lessons with Coffee and read up on Jameson's brainchild. You won't be sorry.

Hope to meet you through SLANT!

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  1. A book about owls was a great idea because there are so many cute things she could send that go with it! I've never heard of the book but I bet it is great... I love books about animals, even fictional animals!